Today I had a skype show, was really intense but i will talk later about this, for the moment I want to put some pictures, i made them when i was waiting for the guy to come online! I’m not so good on writing but I wanna do it to put you in touch with my activities, I hope you would like it and I hope to become better on this in time haha:D

Haha I made some pictures with my make up , what can I do if i love doing my make up??

And some pictures because the waiting makes me horny:D

And after the photo session the show begin finally! Was really hot and intense, like I said, i enjoy it so much so I continue it after the session ended, I continue it by myself alone, fucking my asshole till i cum one more time,  I couldn’t stop it. I would like to put some more pictures with it but was a dirty show and not everyone like dirty shows, but i will put some pictures from the beginning of the show and i will let you a link if you wanna see the all show recorded.

Here you can find the skype show if you wanna upload it : Skype Show - I can't stop playing!

I hope you enjoy watching me having fun! Hahaha


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