About the Download

Ella is a student at a girls college. All her teachers are nuns. There’s a morning class she seldom attends, my class. One day I get mad and plan to punish her by using my dark and secret fetish on her. I ask her to visit my room after classes and tell her that if she doesn’t do as I say she wont pass the finall exam. What am I going to do to her? Well its the ultimate humiliation which she in the end seemed to like haha After I bend her over on the sofa, I start fingering and slaping her pussy and ass for a few good times. I then grab my strap-on and force her to go on her knees and suck that dick untill she gets tears in her eyes. I also slap her face with so much pleasure and hearing her say “ Yes madam” makes me so fuckin wet. I grab her pony tails and bend her over again and start whipping and fucking her pussy untill she cums all over while I scream every dirty name thay comes into my filthy mind. Of course she has to clean her cum off that dick so I’ll push it back into her mouth untill she gags. All of these made my mind become nastier so I push her on the floor and let my warm pee flow all over her chest, pussy and legs. I enjoyed so much seing her that helpless after I tied and kneeled her down. She looked gorgeous like a puppy happy to have its master home. Mwahhaha I’m evil and I love it!!